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With seeds from existing trees and seedlings from Latitude, farmers plant cocoa on 1-3 acre farms in the nutrient rich soils of Western Uganda.

Working Together

We sign long term contracts with our suppliers to grow organic cocoa, promote biodiversity and ensure fair labor practices on all the farms.

In exchange, we supply support and purchase the cocoa at a premium price.

We can proudly say that over 50% of our contracted farmers are women.


Farmers work incredibly hard to maintain their gardens. We support them with training (agronomy, organic practices, and financial literacy), insurance and access to finance.

Our staff individually inspect all 1000+ farms to ensure proper organic and labor practices.


Farmers harvest and deliver their cocoa to Latitude collection points within walking distance of their farm. After checking the quality and weighing, we pay the farmer in cash at a premium price per kilogram.

Latitude pays an average farm gate price of $2.30/kg. This is more than 50% higher than prices in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, the world's leading cocoa producing countries.

Fermenting & Drying

At the Latitude fermentary near the farms, the cocoa undergoes the key process of fermentation and drying to develop the chocolate flavor over a period of 7 days.

After an additional week of sun drying and hand sorting, the cocoa is ready for the chocolate factory.


At the chocolate factory in Kampala, cocoa is drum roasted to bring out our favorite chocolate flavors.


This is where we remove the shells to get to the cocoa nib, the key to chocolate.

Fear not, the shells aren't wasted! They're used to make cocoa tea and sent back to the farms for mulch.

Refining & Conching

Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and other locally sourced ingredients are refined to make a silky smooth texture.


The chocolate is tempered, molded into bars and individually hand wrapped by our diligent team at the factory.

Humble Beginnings

From bean to bar in Uganda.

Fully traceable and transparent, we're dedicated to supporting our partners and growing their businesses. Sustainability is key, ensuring our chocolate and cocoa is both ethical and exceptional.